Linen Obsessed Part 1: Hot Color Trends

Inspired by color2

I am totally obsessed with linens.  Those glorious pieces of fabric that drape tables in all kinds of colors, textures, patterns and sizes make me so happy.  They are, without a doubt, one of my favorite elements of the events industry.  And, in my opinion, they play one of the more important roles when it comes to […]

Choosing Wedding Flowers

Bridal Bouquet

Need a little help in picking your posies? Whether your wedding style is modern, bohemian, glamorous, or romantic, Kim Horn of Arizona Bridal Source shares her tips for floral success.

Celebrate All Year: Party Ideas for January to December

Year Round Party Ideas

We have so many reasons to celebrate; why wait for the next major holiday to gather your friends and family? urges readers to make the most of life year-round. And, as if you needed any more incentive to carpe diem, here is our month-by-month guide to some easy, seasonal get-togethers.

Trends and Pop Culture: I Love Hollywood

I Love Hollywood

As I think I have mentioned before… I love Hollywood and all of the celebrity nonsense that surrounds it.  Celebrity gossip reads are a personal favorite and it seems a day is not complete without getting the latest updates.  I consider Pop Culture an area of expertise if you will – as there are times […]

How to Hire a Wedding Caterer

Wedding Cake

Hiring a wedding caterer shouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Here are five questions to make the job a piece of cake.

Friendship Slumber Party

Sharing Secrets

Sisters, confidantes, gal pals, and BFFs; what would life be without friends? Help your child celebrate International Friendship Month with a sleepover party for her friends.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day… Without the Tradition

Candy Hearts

I will be honest: despite my love of romance, Valentine's Day is not at the top of my list when it comes to favorite holidays.  Sure, the decorations, candy and flowers associated with it are nice (glitter-covered hearts, roses and candies that say "text me") – but I wonder… are they necessary?  For me personally, […]