Geocaching Party

Geoacahing Party

Embark on a high-tech treasure hunt with a geocaching party. A GPS device, a set of coordinates, and a sense of adventure are all you will need to begin your quest.

Linen Obsessed Part 2: Hot Fabric Trends

Linen Obsessed Part 2

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with linens yet?  Oh, wait… I did in another post dedicated to linens.  Well… good for you, I love linens so much, you get another post.  This one dedicated to the hot fabric trends of 2011.  So here's to the fabrics  you want to showcase at your events […]

Make Cork Board Favors!

Cork Board Letters

This project can be completed in about an hour and is a simple, inexpensive activity to perk up any party.

Blossoming Baby Showers

Blossoming Baby Showers

As March approaches, we sense that spring is in the air.  For us Arizonans, it is a brief period of glorious weather before the summer heat sets in.  During this time we enjoy the warm temperatures, ever-beautiful sunshine and blossoming desert.  With the emergence of this season, I would like to write about something that […]