Phoenix Pools & Splash Pads

Pools and Splash Pads

Triple digits have many kids longing to make a splash. A public pool or spray park can make for an inexpensive – and cool – party venue.

Mod Bridal Shower

Mod Bridal Party

Turn up the volume on color and style! A bridal party goes retro with bright hues and bold graphics in this 60s inspired photo shoot, styled by Emily Leach of Bird Dog Wedding.

Celebrating One

Celebrating One

I can't believe it. Our little girl is going to be one. How did this happen? Other than the obvious… I mean, where did the time go? She is growing up before our eyes and every second of it is precious. This is cause for celebration… right? Not only that she is growing up and achieving milestones […]

Tequila Tasting Party

Tequila Tasting

Not just for margaritas, today’s artisan tequilas can be savored solo. With a little tasting how-to, Cruz Tequila shows that the fiery liquid is actually a spirit of taste and refinement.

Cruz Tequila Signature Margaritas

Lime Twist

Low carb, low cal, and with lots of refreshing taste, these margaritas are perfect poured from a pitcher or for poolside sipping.