About LetsPartyMagazine.com

In the winter of 2006, Tracy Werner was attempting to organize an adoption party to welcome the newest addition to her family, then three year-old Kyrlin. She wanted to put together a truly special celebration for Kyrlin and her new brother and sisters, but was continually frustrated in her efforts to locate the information and vendors she was looking for.

It was then that Tracy had her ‘aha!’ moment: an Ultimate Event Resource that would include not only a comprehensive guide to any and all event essentials, but tips, trends, and ideas for party planning- all in one place! That small seed of an idea flourished into LetsPartyMagazine.com, launched in early 2009. For publisher Tracy Werner, LetsPartyMagazine.com isn’t just a business venture, it’s the newest member of her adopted family.


Tracy Werner, Owner and Publisher

Tracy grew up in the Midwest and attended N.E. Missouri State University, where she earned a B.S. degree in Child and Family Development. Her ensuing career in social work showed her the immediate need for foster families, and Tracy made the decision to become a single parent to medically fragile and special needs newborns. Through the course of 15 years she has fostered 50 infants – eight of whom are now permanent members of her family: Kyera, Kyler, Kynslee, Kyleia, Kyrlin, Kymbrie, Kyndehl, and Kyenne.

Tracy is the former president of the Arizona chapter of ISES (International Special Events Society), Secretary of the Board for National Adoption Day, a licensed foster parent, and she volunteers her time to several youth organizations. She continues to be an advocate for special needs children, and hopes that through planned educational and charitable initiatives LPM can make a positive impact on AZ foster care and adoption, and benefit those with special needs.

Lori Archibald, Executive Editor

Editor and writer Lori Archibald takes enormous personal pleasure and professional pride in ensuring that every LPM ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed. Having lived the freelance lifestyle for several years as an editor, copywriter, proofreader, and storyteller, she couldn’t be more delighted by her new home with LetsPartyMagazine.com.

She looks forward to working with some of the event industry's most talented professionals to share their creative party solutions with readers. Lori is an ASU alum with a B.A. in English. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Allen. When she’s not sifting through copy with a fine-toothed comb, you can usually find her curled up with a good book, cooking, cardio kickboxing at the gym, or relaxing in the company of family and friends.



Amy Kirchdoerfer

Working for a company like LetsPartyMagazine.com is what Amy has always envisioned for herself – a place where she could let her creativity shine. Amy’s background in administration plays a key role in expanding the Let’s Party vendor directory, and her social media insights keep followers current on the latest party trends.

Amy was born and raised in Missouri; she graduated from Southeast Missouri State University. She and her husband currently reside in Cape Girardeau with their three children, Tricia, Tyler, and Clayton. Amy loves to play the role of party planner and hostess. When not working, she spends her free time reading, scrapbooking, and working with her husband and kids on the family farm.