Host a Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

Hosting a beer tasting is a lot like hosting any other type of party: how you do it depends on your style and personality. So invite some friends and uncap a few brews for a casual party pairing.

Beer Tasting: The Taste, The Food, The Extras

The Taste Now that’s settled, put a little in your mouth and swish it gently. Respect the carbonation or it may come out your nose – not a recommended part of the tasting process! Notice the flavors from the aromas. Is it citrusy and peachy? Does it have spicy aromas like nutmeg or cinnamon? Can […]

Beer Tasting: The Glassware, The Pour, The Sniff

The Glassware Serious beer aficionados would advocate the use of the ‘proper’ glass for each beer style. A Pilsner glass should be used when tasting a Czech Pilsner; a Belgian bowl glass should be used for the incredible Belgian brews… you get the idea.  The appropriate glass can make a huge difference in the way […]