Mod Bridal Shower

Turn up the volume on color and style! A bridal party goes retro with bright hues and bold graphics in this 60s inspired photo shoot, styled by Emily Leach of Bird Dog Wedding.

Photography by Paige Newton Photography


“I've always been attracted to bold, simple, graphic design, and that's what so inspired me about the early 1960s,” Leach says. “It was a very innovative time. You see tons of different and shocking fashion, photography, and décor… I knew it would provide lots of eye candy.”


“To keep the look cohesive, I decided on aqua and yellow as the foundation colors and then kept my accent colors of orange and pink pretty consistent,” Leach says. “I also got some feedback from my mother and aunt on what was cool in the early 1960s. I tried to imagine what a bride and her bridesmaid might do for fun leading up to the big day.”


“I loved the butterfly and flower metal pieces I found on a hunt for mod pieces, and incorporated those into the tablescape. It was great fun incorporating the time-appropriate furniture and records you see throughout the shoot, too,” Leach says.


“Because the industry is leaning heavily toward vintage-inspired design, I thought a mod shoot would be very on point with what's trending,” Leach says. “We've seen quite a bit of rustic-inspired decor lately, I thought something simple and clean would be a nice turn in the opposite direction. That helped keep the look modern and fresh.”


Thinking vintage for your next event? Include your guests in the hunt for décor. “Definitely scour the homes of your friends and family for items to borrow,” Leach says. “They might have some amazing treasures to use at little to no cost. Also, check out local vintage shops, flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales for items – don't be afraid to dig!”

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