The 12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Pajamas

Christmas PajamasEvery year we would look forward to receiving the gift of holiday-themed pajamas on Christmas Eve. All members of the family received a pair and while not necessarily matching, they were most certainly cozy. And while pajamas are sometimes an after-thought for someone's wardrobe, these pajamas were always special. They were special for several reasons; they were hand selected by our mother, they were part of the magical feeling of Christmas Eve and most importantly, they allowed our family to maximize our time spent together on Christmas Day. It was always like a pajama party that morning when everyone gathered around the tree and later for breakfast. No one was ever in a hurry to change out of them, even when plans seemed to loom for the afternoon.

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Everyone loves pajamas. Especially this time of year when the thought of being cozy and warm at home is so appealing. And so while holiday pajamas make for an excellent family tradition, they also make excellent gifts. In our family, the tradition of giving pajamas for Christmas Eve has shifted from my mother to me, and it's something I love to provide. Nestling in for the evening as a family brings back those fond memories of Christmas past and helps to create the warm atmosphere of love and thankfulness in the present.


In carrying this over to events and entertaining, why not host a "Christmas in Pajamas" themed party for family & friends. I think the concept has a lot of potential, especially with the hit of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. And really, why not celebrate in comfort?

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