A Little Pumpkin: Embracing the Season in Your Events

For gourd-like squashes, pumpkins are pretty neat. They certainly are the quintessential fall item and carry with them a sense of both tradition and personality. Think about it: No two pumpkins are alike and the hunt for the perfect one is an activity many enjoy this time of year with family and friends. From Jack-o-Lanterns to pie, pumpkins can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether you are hosting an event or entertaining in your home, pumpkins are a beautiful accent to your decor plan and ultimately, one of the best ways to communicate the beauty and sentiments of the fall season.


First impressions are everything. Take a moment to consider where your guests will be entering and design something both communicative of theme and eye-catching. This "Welcome" display captures the essence of the season and radiates a feeling of warmth, embracing guests as they arrive.





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Centerpieces make the table. Use pumpkins to bring the seasonal feel to your table(s). Use smaller pumpkins with candles to make the statement and create ambiance. Or use larger pumpkins and have a full floral presentation created.






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It is all in the details. Add a beautiful touch by using pumpkin-like gourds to communicate your seating arrangements.








Photo Source: Better Homes and Gardens



Creative food service can be unexpected. Use pumpkin-like gourds to serve a menu item or just a small "snack". Your guests will appreciate the creativity and delight in the unexpected element of their dining experience.







Photo Source: Pinterest
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