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It feels like fall today in the desert. Of course, I didn't wait for the cooler temps to welcome the season. I embraced the month of October by heading out to Willcox, Arizona to a beautiful little farm and apple orchard called Apple Annie's. Apple picking is of course, the quintessential fall activity and it got me thinking about all of the uses apples can have for your seasonal event and entertaining needs.


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Surrounded by the scent of fresh cider and colors of apples ranging from golden yellow to deep red, picking over 16 pounds of apples made total sense. Now they are sitting on my counter in a decorative bowl, looking delicious, but also well arranged. Truth is, I could leave the bowl out and it fits perfectly into my seasonal decor. But that won't happen, I plan to make loads of apple sauce, or one very large pie.


But that brings me to a point: apples are an easy and relatively budget friendly thing to use, even if they are simply placed in a bowl or a vase. Include a candle and you have an elegant centerpiece. Carve out the center and use the apple itself as a means of serving cider (now talk about presentation!). Having a wedding or a seated dinner? Startegically lay out apples on a table and integrate your escort cards. Cut the top out of an apple and replace it with a tealight, float these in water. So many wonderful ways to make your seasonal event planning and entertaining nothing short of apple-licious!

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