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Happy Valentine's Day… much love to you from Let's Party Magazine and yours truly.  Today, I'm inspired by love and delicious chocolates (but that's another story).  And the inspiration I feel got me thinking… when we design an event, what are we inspired by?  Where do we get our inspiration?  In terms of decor and design, I think color is an universal source of inspiration.  Color can tell the story of your event, create attitude, and even designate flow.  It is key to controlling the overall atmosphere.  It can indicate the subdued setting or an element of risk taking and adventure. 


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We see it all in color.  And what we experience is a reflection of the overall societal climate.  You can even trace color patterns and trends with history – literally seeing the naturals – those quite colors – when times were rough or in conflict, and the brights – those vibrant colors – when times were optimistic and hopeful.   Color trends are reflected in fashion (note: honeysuckle is the it color for 2011) and the styles of the world; but also in advertising, magazines and the sports and automobile industries, just to name a few.  Paying close attention to the previously mentioned can not only indicate color trends to you but can be a great resource for the one color element you are looking for to fit an event.  In fact, paying close attention is key – observe this colorful world at all angles and take note.  You can draw color inspiration from just about anything. 

When planning your event and incorporating color consider implementing that color in such a way that it "pops" in certain elements.  Incorporate these elements here and there throughout the event to tie it all in without overdoing it.  Go all neutrals with pops of vibrant colors like purple or turquoise.  Or go all white and use colored lighting to set the mood.  Pops or punches of color tend to make dramatic and refined statements. 

Looking for some sources of color inspiration?  The  Founder, VP of Media Relations, Concept Designer and Design Director of Perfect Surroundings, Inc. recommend looking at anything made popular by the younger generation – music, style, advertising, etc.  In terms of pulling color inspiration from just about anything – they suggest pulling from skateboards.  The art on the bottom of these boards showcase not only what's trendy, but how to mix and match.  Also try for more ideas, inspiration and as a color editing tool. 

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