From Neon to… Nature?

It is looking like 2012 is off to a bright start. Word on the street is neon is the hottest color palette for the year. Flashback to the '80's anyone? While I am sure neon conjures up images of interesting fashion choices, don't cringe just yet. In 2012, neon is sophisticated, tasteful and couture. Pair these loud colors with neutrals for an extraordinary combination.

Neon Lights, Photo Source:

Not a fan of neon? Don't fret; monochromatic palettes, the display of a one-color spectrum, are also trending in 2012. Showcase a color from light to dark and everywhere in between or opt to stick with the key ingredient and display that color in one shade throughout.

Shades of Grey, Photo Source:

Whether you are seeing neon lights or shades of grey, there is a color palette out there that is perfect for your event. Just a take a look around you… shades inspired by nature are a staple. And while they may also be enjoying an upswing in their long course of popularity, these beautiful colors are steadfast and true.


Natural Beauty, Photo Source:
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