11/11/11: Lucky in Love

lucky in loveMy morning Facebook feed on Tuesday featured a smattering of November welcomes: "Happy 11.1.11" they all read. This prompted me to think about the upcoming date that many have been looking forward to: November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11. The many looking forward being the incredible number of couples preparing to exchange wedding vows on what is said to be one of the luckiest days in well… at least the last 100 years. This, of course, got me thinking: is it luck or is it hype? And moreover, what actually goes into the selection of a wedding date?

For us it was a matter of logistics. We had targeted the month of April; mainly because we like April, it has great weather. The actual date got selected due to venue availability. They said, this is what we've got and we said, sure that works. And that, folks, was it. Anti-climatic, I know. I have never really been in love with my wedding date – the actual number, I mean. It was never about the date as much as it was about the day.

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But it would appear, for couples getting married next week on what is also, Veteran's Day, that 11.11.11 has real significance. If selecting a wedding date for you has to deal with numerology, than 11.11.11 is the jackpot. According to an article by ABC News, 11 is a significant number in that it is thought to be the time of day that the universe is most open to you. A breakdown of the numbers would also indicate love, desire for knowledge and an appreciation for the finer things in life. For these reasons, 11 is considered a master number. It is especially profound in its triple setting for the date 11.11.11.


Maybe it is that the date looks good on invitations or that your spouse can never claim forgetfulness. Regardless, you have to admit that 11.11.11 has a nice ring to it. And there might be something special in sharing in this day with a record breaking number of couples around the world. Truth be told, a number of things can go into the selection of a wedding date: culture and symbolism, seasons, holidays, themes, personal significance, or like us, just simple logistics. However you go about the selection of the date, it is all relative, as the fortune comes from love we have found and choose to celebrate.  Somehow that makes any day lucky.

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