Something Old, Something New: An Alternative Bouquet

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. This obsession came, quite frankly, from an unproductive (or is it productive) afternoon of Facebook stalking. While I successfully avoided the responsibilities of life and listlessly sifted through friends uploaded and tagged photos, I discovered the brooch bouquet in some wedding pictures. I am in love; it is vintage glam at its best.


With the sentimental nature of weddings, this is a wonderful way to incorporate pieces of family history with pieces of fabulous jewelry. Not to mention the thrill of searching for pieces to complete your bouquet. I would enjoy scouring the internet, garage sales and local bargain stores for vintage-style pieces. No need for these items to break the bank; you would be surprised what you can uncover with a little jewelry cleaner or polish. Not to mention, this becomes a one of a kind, custom creation for your day and it is totally reflective of your personality and style. The best part: it becomes a keepsake you can cherish for years to come (or a collection of amazing brooches to accessorize any outfit)!

Colorful Brooch Bouquet
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Silver Sparkles Bouquet

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Bright Colors Brooch Bouquet

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