The 12 Days of Christmas: Let’s Make Whoopie


Made with tender loving care by my grandmother every Christmas, the whoopie pie is a cherished holiday dessert. Fittingly called the "whoopie pie", these baked goods make you want to share the love. Although disputed, according to Wikipedia, these desserts are considered a "…New England phenomenon and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition." Word is that Amish farmers […]

The 12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas

Every year we would look forward to receiving the gift of holiday-themed pajamas on Christmas Eve. All members of the family received a pair and while not necessarily matching, they were most certainly cozy. And while pajamas are sometimes an after-thought for someone's wardrobe, these pajamas were always special. They were special for several reasons; they […]

The 12 Days of Christmas: A Holiday Craft

Candy Cane Mouse

   Coming up on my first Christmas with a little family of my own, I have spent considerable time reflecting on what has made the holidays special through the years. Looking to the future, there is self-inflicted pressure to decide what traditions my husband and I will carry on as our family grows. And also […]

Christmas Sweater Parties… All the Rage for 2010?

Ugly Holiday Sweater

With Christmas coming up this week and the holiday parties slowing down, I've had some time to reflect on all the parties I've attended for work, networking and fun.  And, it seems in a good portion of the invites, an "ugly" or "tacky" Christmas sweater has been listed with the dress code.  For whatever reason, […]

Holiday Engagement Party: Decorate the Soon-to-Be Newlywed’s Christmas Tree

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

I totally wanted to post about Nicole Richie & Joel Madden's wedding, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the tabloid bidding war to be over to get a good glimpse of the details.  I just love Nicole's style and have to believe that wedding was jam-packed with event trends (including […]

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Decorate with Cranberries

I love a good bargain, absolutely love it. I love the thrill of the search and the satisfaction that comes with a good find. I can spend hours in a store looking top to bottom for the best deals or hours in multiple stores pulling together what I need for that low price. When it […]