Take It Outside


According to the weather report, it's time to move the party outdoors. Just a few simple entertaining essentials can make even a simple meal alfresco seem like a celebration. Seating can often be an issue with impromptu gatherings; stock up on outdoor pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes, like these Marimekko cushions from […]

Inspired by Color

Inspired by Color

Happy Valentine's Day… much love to you from Let's Party Magazine and yours truly.  Today, I'm inspired by love and delicious chocolates (but that's another story).  And the inspiration I feel got me thinking… when we design an event, what are we inspired by?  Where do we get our inspiration?  In terms of decor and […]

A Little Pumpkin: Embracing the Season in Your Events


For gourd-like squashes, pumpkins are pretty neat. They certainly are the quintessential fall item and carry with them a sense of both tradition and personality. Think about it: No two pumpkins are alike and the hunt for the perfect one is an activity many enjoy this time of year with family and friends. From Jack-o-Lanterns […]

Take a Seat – A Guide to Event Chairs


A glorious image appeared recently on my Facebook feed featuring a gorgeous chair setting at a special event and it reminded me of how totally awesome chairs can be. I may be obsessed with linens, but selecting the correct chair for an event is just as fun …and really, they are a crucial element of […]

Tablescapes for the Romantic


What is romance exactly? We can describe it, we can feel it, but somehow it feels impossible to define. It is an atmosphere, a sentiment, a gesture and so much more. While romance may not be something we can label as concrete, it is something we can express and create in our events. We can foster […]

From Neon to… Nature?

Natural Beauty

It is looking like 2012 is off to a bright start. Word on the street is neon is the hottest color palette for the year. Flashback to the '80's anyone? While I am sure neon conjures up images of interesting fashion choices, don't cringe just yet. In 2012, neon is sophisticated, tasteful and couture. Pair […]


apples galore!

  It feels like fall today in the desert. Of course, I didn't wait for the cooler temps to welcome the season. I embraced the month of October by heading out to Willcox, Arizona to a beautiful little farm and apple orchard called Apple Annie's. Apple picking is of course, the quintessential fall activity and […]

Fall into the Season

Easy Fall Tablescape

The "unofficial" end to summer had barely passed us by. In fact, I was still enjoying the extended holiday weekend when I noticed the Pumpkin Spice Latte had made its return to Starbucks. Still preoccupied with the obscene temperatures here in Phoenix, I had failed to consider that fall is upon us- according to Starbucks, […]

Linen Obsessed Part 2: Hot Fabric Trends

Linen Obsessed Part 2

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with linens yet?  Oh, wait… I did in another post dedicated to linens.  Well… good for you, I love linens so much, you get another post.  This one dedicated to the hot fabric trends of 2011.  So here's to the fabrics  you want to showcase at your events […]

Blossoming Baby Showers

Blossoming Baby Showers

As March approaches, we sense that spring is in the air.  For us Arizonans, it is a brief period of glorious weather before the summer heat sets in.  During this time we enjoy the warm temperatures, ever-beautiful sunshine and blossoming desert.  With the emergence of this season, I would like to write about something that […]