The 12 Days of Christmas: Let’s Make Whoopie


Made with tender loving care by my grandmother every Christmas, the whoopie pie is a cherished holiday dessert. Fittingly called the "whoopie pie", these baked goods make you want to share the love. Although disputed, according to Wikipedia, these desserts are considered a "…New England phenomenon and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition." Word is that Amish farmers […]

Cupcakes Galore… Indulge your Sweet Tooth

Banana Caramel Cupcakes

Cupcakes are all the rage. And while they have been a dessert staple for what feels like forever, these little servings of heaven have become trendy. And I mean trendy in its fullest capacity. While the popularity of the cupcake has been on the rise for several years now – thanks to Sprinkles Cupcakes – […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Consider Your Health Conscious Guests in 2011

Baked Onion Rings

Happy New Year!  As we step into 2011, we are faced with exciting new prospects, journeys to embark upon, challenges to overcome and lessons to be learned.  And as part of the traditions that come with a New Year, we set goals, hopes and dreams for ourselves – known as the New Year's Resolution.  The […]

Turkey Takeout

Turkey Takeout Containers

For event planners and those who love to entertain, it is all in the details.  As you prepare for your Thanksgiving events and entertaining, consider adding those little pieces of flair.  In searching for some tidbits on Thanksgiving celebrations, I came across the idea for a very useful favor and delicious takeaway for your holiday […]

Delish Vegetarian Menu Options for your Thanksgiving Feast

Sweet Potato Casserole

When creating an event menu, as planners, caterers, etc… we always take into consideration our guests' meal preferences.  In most cases- if not all, we provide a vegetarian option to our plated meals and multiple vegetarian options to our buffets and stations on the notion that our vegetarian friends should not only have options, but […]