Take It Outside


According to the weather report, it's time to move the party outdoors. Just a few simple entertaining essentials can make even a simple meal alfresco seem like a celebration. Seating can often be an issue with impromptu gatherings; stock up on outdoor pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes, like these Marimekko cushions from […]

Boy or Girl? The Gender Reveal Party



Take a Seat – A Guide to Event Chairs


A glorious image appeared recently on my Facebook feed featuring a gorgeous chair setting at a special event and it reminded me of how totally awesome chairs can be. I may be obsessed with linens, but selecting the correct chair for an event is just as fun …and really, they are a crucial element of […]

Tablescapes for the Romantic


What is romance exactly? We can describe it, we can feel it, but somehow it feels impossible to define. It is an atmosphere, a sentiment, a gesture and so much more. While romance may not be something we can label as concrete, it is something we can express and create in our events. We can foster […]

From Neon to… Nature?

Natural Beauty

It is looking like 2012 is off to a bright start. Word on the street is neon is the hottest color palette for the year. Flashback to the '80's anyone? While I am sure neon conjures up images of interesting fashion choices, don't cringe just yet. In 2012, neon is sophisticated, tasteful and couture. Pair […]

Something Old, Something New: An Alternative Bouquet

Bright Colors Brooch Bouquet

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. This obsession came, quite frankly, from an unproductive (or is it productive) afternoon of Facebook stalking. While I successfully avoided the responsibilities of life and listlessly sifted through friends uploaded and tagged photos, I discovered the brooch bouquet in some wedding pictures. I am in love; it […]

Fall into the Season

Easy Fall Tablescape

The "unofficial" end to summer had barely passed us by. In fact, I was still enjoying the extended holiday weekend when I noticed the Pumpkin Spice Latte had made its return to Starbucks. Still preoccupied with the obscene temperatures here in Phoenix, I had failed to consider that fall is upon us- according to Starbucks, […]