Inspired by Color

Inspired by Color

Happy Valentine's Day… much love to you from Let's Party Magazine and yours truly.  Today, I'm inspired by love and delicious chocolates (but that's another story).  And the inspiration I feel got me thinking… when we design an event, what are we inspired by?  Where do we get our inspiration?  In terms of decor and […]

Tablescapes for the Romantic


What is romance exactly? We can describe it, we can feel it, but somehow it feels impossible to define. It is an atmosphere, a sentiment, a gesture and so much more. While romance may not be something we can label as concrete, it is something we can express and create in our events. We can foster […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day… Without the Tradition

Candy Hearts

I will be honest: despite my love of romance, Valentine's Day is not at the top of my list when it comes to favorite holidays.  Sure, the decorations, candy and flowers associated with it are nice (glitter-covered hearts, roses and candies that say "text me") – but I wonder… are they necessary?  For me personally, […]