Crafty Christmas

Marzipan Snowflakes

There’s something about the season that seems to bring out the creative urge in all of us. These projects are perfect for any skill level and better yet, they won’t burn through the holiday budget.

A Pop of {Cranberry} Color

Cranberry Kiss Mocktail

Add a tart and vibrant accent to your holidays with this tiny, packs-a-punch superfruit. It’s pretty to look at, inexpensive, and it’s good to eat, too!

DIY Flower Bouquet

Flower Surprise

Designs by Design shows sweethearts with more time than money to spend how to create a floral arrangement that will make $20 look like $100.

Make Cork Board Favors!

Cork Board Letters

This project can be completed in about an hour and is a simple, inexpensive activity to perk up any party.