A Fall Harvest Table

Natural and handmade elements set the tone for a handsome holiday feast, from the Anders Ruff Fall Harvest Design Collection.

Printables and styling by Anders Ruff Design


Inspired by the season’s harvest, Anders and Ruff used produce from the farmers’ market and items from their own backyard for much of the décor. Artichokes, wheat stalks, Bosc pears, green apples, and white gourds add fresh pops of color and texture to the neutral toned palette. “We wanted to use lots of natural elements in our table setting. Pine cones, sweet gum seed pods, and acorns are plentiful in our yards. We gave the children a task to collect as many as they could from the yard.”

“Dressing up your everyday dishes with a custom fabric charger gives a dramatic effect without breaking the bank,” says Anders and Ruff. “We used cardboard cake rounds to measure perfect circles and placed them on the table to add dimension.” Does the antique silverware look a little worse for wear? A fall theme is the perfect excuse to use heirloom pieces that might otherwise be in need of a little polish. Use glass jars as drinking glasses to add to the rustic look.



Tie the table together with creative seating embellishments, like these ruffle-adorned chairs. “We used strips of brown burlap to create a band on the chair backs. In thinking outside the box, we stitched on ruffled-up natural tan coffee filters onto the burlap bands to create a dramatic effect. They looked like pilgrim blouses or turkey feathers, and had a bold effect.” No chair covers needed!



“Think of new ways to display your place cards at the table,” says Anders and Ruff. “We utilized sugarcane because it fit within our color and harvest scheme and made the perfect card holder out of the folding label from our collection.” Small gourds, apples, and pears also make pretty and inexpensive holders; simply attach place cards with a length of raffia.

Try adding depth and texture to place settings with common household items. “Line your basic white dessert trays with pantry items such as coffee beans, split peas, black eyed peas, and pinto beans,” suggests Anders and Ruff.



A sideboard piled high with pretty confections is complemented by a rusty orange backdrop and printable dessert cards. “Wrapping paper and patterned papers are an excellent and economical embellishment to use on table tops, buffets, and box risers for the dessert table,” say Anders and Ruff.  The sideboard is draped with filled-in “I am thankful…” cards from the Fall Harvest Printable Design Collection; simply use twine and old clothespins to incorporate the cards into the décor.



Party favors and take-homes can be wrapped in coordinating packages of any size and shape and secured with matching printable tags. Send guests home full and happy with a personal sized pumpkin Bundt cake or a stack of gingersnap cookies. Visit the Anders Ruff etsy store to purchase the printables featured here, and for more holiday inspiration.