Color Trends and Event Décor

Color inspires. Color stimulates. Color soothes. And much like fashion, colors trend in and out of style. Named Pantone Color of the Year, emerald is the hottest cool hue of 2013. Sophisticated, healing, and harmonious; use a favorite flower, object d’art, or fabric as the jumping off point, and try incorporating several shades to add depth to your décor.

Honeysuckle: Described as “muted raspberry with a kiss of tangerine” by Kimberly McDowell of The Event Essentials, Pantone suggests pairing honeysuckle with russets, corals, blue-greens, lavenders, and metallics. Confident, courageous, and vital, honeysuckle is a beautiful choice for birthdays, showers, and weddings.

Honeysuckle for Events

Natural Greens: Fresh, natural, tranquil, harmonious. Green occupies the most space in the visible color spectrum and is second only to blue as a favorite color. Pairing bright green with white will inject your event with a bright, springy feel and create a soothing atmosphere for guests. Fresh floral accents and ferns can add texture to your green scheme and bring a breath of the outdoors in.  

Greens for Fresh Parties

Blues: Whether the shade is conservative and subtle or bold and dramatic, blue is the overwhelming favorite color of Americans. Stephanie Flies of Scottsdale Moms Blog recommends vibrant, versatile teal for kids’ parties. “I love to use teal because it works for both genders; pair it with pink for girls or pair it with red for boys. It sends a “Fun!” message to the party attendees.” For grown-ups, try mixing different shades of blue to create an atmosphere that evokes the sky and sea.  

Blue Decor

Purples: A color that has been associated with royalty and mystics alike, purple often appeals to creative personalities and risk-takers. “Event décor is often translated from what is popular in fashion, and lavenders and purples are hotter than hot right now,” says Amy Petrovsky of Sensational Events. “It’s a very sensual color palette, but also very powerful.” She suggests using purple on central details to make a statement, such as invitations, specialty linens, or a signature item, like a custom cocktail.  

Sophisticated Purple

Metallics: Precious metal tones add a look of luxury to any event. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, and bronze are considered neutrals and can look elegant in a monochromatic scheme or when paired with a specific palette. Whether you go full glitz with lots of sparkle or you pair down the gleam to a few accents, metallics can add elegance and a touch of glamour to any formal setting.  

Metallics Add Shine

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