Un-Holidays: Weird & Wacky Reasons to Celebrate

There are about a dozen or so official holidays celebrated by Americans each year, but at LetsPartyMagazine.com we believe just about any day is cause for celebration. Here are a few of the more unknown, untraditional, silly, and strange un-holidays observed here in the U.S., and abroad.

January 23: National Pie Day
The American Pie Council (yes, there is such a thing) created this day to celebrate, what else, pie! Celebrate: Bake or buy a few of your favorite pies and make some ding-dong-ditch deliveries to friends. Imagine their surprise to find baked goodies on their doorstep… they’ll be pie-eyed! Include a cute note that lets them know that they’re the apple (pie) of your eye.

National Pie Day
Image by Lisel via Flickr, used under Creative Commons license

January 25: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Who can resist digging their fingers into those tantalizing pea-sized bubbles? They make such a satisfying POP! Celebrate: Host a bubble wrap game day with a popping relay race, and bubble wrap sculpture and fashion design contests.
February: International Friendship Month
What would life be without friends? Celebrate: Get the gang together and go bowling or watch a buddy flick. Or, simply send a shout out to friends old and new on Facebook.

March 20: Corn Dog Day

Also called a ‘pogo’, a ‘dagwood dog’, and a ‘pluto pup’, the corn dog is believed to have been warming hearts and tummies since as early as 1929. Celebrate: Tune into a sporting event and tuck into some cornmeal crusted goodness with family and friends.

April 23: Talk Like Shakespeare Day
Methinks thou woulds’t enjoy for a time / To speaketh as the Bard, in couplet and rhyme! Celebrate: Instead of ‘you’, say ‘thou’, and instead of ‘y’all’, say ‘thee’. When in doubt, simply add ‘eth’ to the end of verbs to kicketh it Shakespeare-style.


April 30: Hairstyle Appreciation Day
Whether you tease it to towering heights like Marie Antoinette or you do the comb-over like Donald Trump, today’s the day to express whatever is weird, wacky, or wonderful about your coiffure. Celebrate: Try on a new hairstyle or color at hairmixer.com and say hello to a virtual new you.

Hairstyle Appreciation Day

May 4: Star Wars Day
Despite numerous efforts to found a Jedi church, as of yet there is still no religious organization that officially supports May 4 as Star Wars Day. Celebrate: Park it on the couch with your fellow Jedi wannabes to view the trilogy that made it all happen – and may the ‘fourth’ be with you!

May 14: National Chicken Dance Day

Originally called the ‘Duck Dance’ or “Der Ententanz’ from the Swiss accordion song, the dance first came to the U.S. in 1981, when the only getup available for the dance’s demonstration on a Tulsa TV station was a chicken costume. Celebrate: Get out your hand beaks, flap your wings, and shake your tail feather, even if no one else is around.

June 11: Corn on the Cob Day
A vegetable so yummy and fun to eat it gets its very own day! Celebrate: Soak corn husks in a bucket of water for an hour or so. Fire up the BBQ, and cook the husks directly on the grill for 15 minutes or so, turning occasionally. Peel back the husks, dip the corn in some melted butter and chomp away.

Corn on the Cob copy

July 31: Mutts’ Day
Every dog has its day, and if yours is a mixed breed, then July 31 is just for them! Whoever said that a dog needs a pedigree was barking up the wrong tree; mutt owners know that lovable and loyal non-purebreds are invaluable. Celebrate: If your dog is social, take him to a pooch park for some rough and tumble fun, or simply spend some time giving Fido a scratch behind the ears.

August 13: International Left Handers’ Day

With a mere 5-15% of the population designated as lefties, August 13 is the time to express your right to be left-handed. Celebrate: Restrict your space to ‘Lefties Only’ and encourage your majority-handed friends to try out everyday tasks, like writing and eating, with their left hands. Then sit back, and enjoy the show.

August 25: Kiss and Make Up Day
“For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.” ~Author Unknown. Celebrate: Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a coworker, or a lover, resolve your issues and get over it – but you don’t have to wait for August 25! Some would argue that making up is the best part of fighting.

Image by Scinern via flickr, used under Creative Commons license

September 25: National One Hit Wonder Day
Vanilla Ice, ice, baby (too cold)… Need we say more? Celebrate: Visit iTunes and download some of your favorite ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ chart toppers and enjoy. Suggestions? Macarena by Los del Río, Too Shy by Kajagoogoo, Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor, I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred, and of course, the incomparable Mr. Vanilla Ice.

October 6: Mad Hatter Day
In the spirit of Mad Hatter Day, silliness must be paid its due respect. Drop your assumptions of what is ‘normal’ and celebrate the inanities of our modern existence, like jumbo shrimp and neckties. Celebrate: Detailed plans for Mad Hatter Day observance will be announced October 7 – everyone knows that plans made after the fact are more accurate and easier to fulfill. Or, as the Red Queen said, “Sentence first, then the verdict!”

 November 11: Guinness World Record Day
Andy Warhol said that everybody gets 15 minutes of fame, and if you boast an unusual skill, like the ability to hold a lot of tennis balls or do push-ups with one finger, now could be your time to shine. Celebrate: To make it official Guinness requires a registration process that could take several months, so plan ahead. Current categories include ‘Most Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Eaten in One Minute’ and ‘Most Books Typed Backwards’.

Biggest Biceps
Image via The Telegraph and Guinness World Records

November 26: National Day of Listening
Listen up! Did you know the average person talks at about 125 words a minute, while we can listen to about 450 words a minute? Celebrate: On the day after Thanksgiving, sit down with a loved one and interview them about their life. You may wish to record the conversation for posterity, and make a tradition out of preserving memories.

December 22: National Haiku Day
A brief little poem / Amidst the holiday rush / So cleansing and calm. Celebrate: Traditional Japanese haiku consists of three lines containing five, seven, and five syllables, respectively. Take a timeout off from shopping, cooking, wrapping, and making merry to contemplate the slant of light on a Koi pond, or just to exhaaaaaaaaale.

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