Tiffany Vintage Garden Party

Mom Kimberly of The Event Essentials created this sweet and special party for her daughter, Maddi.  Family mementos combine with garden party flourishes for a look that’s ultra girly and a theme that’s timeless.

Photography by Valerie of Blue Hills Photo

Vintage Garden Party Title

“Maddi is a very energetic, happy, vibrant little girl with the caring ‘old soul’ of my sweet grandmother.  So I wanted something very feminine for her 3rd birthday and the theme Tiffany and Vintage Rose Garden was born,” Kim says.

Vintage Garden Cakes“There are actually many elements of the party that were my grandmother's personal belongings, which meant so much me and will to Maddi some day when she's older,” Kim says. She used her grandmother’s hand-crafted doilies under the cupcake tower and her vintage gold mirrors to display sweets.

Vintage Garden Invitation“The dresser belonged to the sweetest lil’ 99 year-old lady that once lived at my grandma's care home. She loved to make people laugh and I could almost hear her giggle in delight at the party.”

Vintage Garden Display”Each personal detail came together so well, but the cakes amazed me.  I squealed with delight when I saw them at her bakery.  They were beautiful beyond my expectations!” Kim says of the ruffled tiered confections from Let Them Eat Cake.

Vintage Garden DetailsKim suggests focusing on a few key elements and planning the party around them. “Just plan ahead and leave plenty of time. DIY projects don't happen overnight, and it takes a lot of little details to create one big picture.”

Vintage Garden MontageThe surprising item that provided Kim with her first inspiration? “A cute little Tiffany blue ruffled and polka dotted bathing suit,” Kim says. “ I just decided to theme her spring party around it!”