Barbecue Recipes

It may be hot outside, but there’s no need to sweat the menu. The rule for any Fourth of July celebration? Easy-pleasey BBQ'd goodness.

Roger Wagner, owner of nationally award-winning Thee Pitts Again, shared these simply delicious, down-home classics that are perfect for any backyard get-together.

Homemade Marinade
“I came up with this one and use it all the time – very tasty,” says Wagner, who has won several contests with this recipe over the years. Marinate your meat for at least 30 minutes and up to 24 hours, discarding any portion left over after use.

3 tablespoons dry mustard
3 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons garlic powder
8 cans beef broth
2 ⅔ cup tamari
1 ⅓ cup apple cider vinegar
1 ⅓ cup canola oil
3 tablespoons Cholula (or favorite Tobasco type hot sauce)

Mix all dry ingredients (first three) completely. Then add all liquid ingredients to dry mixture until combined.



Cheryl’s Coleslaw
“This slaw is my wife’s recipe and is great on pork sandwiches,” Wagner says. This recipe makes approximately 15-20 servings.

2 large heads of cabbage, chopped
1 large onion chopped
1 green or red bell pepper, chopped
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon celery seed
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
3 carrots, shredded
1 cup real mayonnaise
3- 4  tablespoons sugar, to taste

Combine all ingredients in a large food storage bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.



BBQ Beans
A backyard BBQ just isn’t a BBQ without this crowd pleasing staple.

(2) 21 oz cans pork and beans
½ cup diced onion
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons of dry mustard
½ cup ketchup or BBQ sauce
¼ cup green bell pepper
½ cup butter

In large pot mix butter, onions, peppers, and slightly sauté. Add the rest of the ingredients and let simmer until hot.