Gift Wrap Basics

Have you found the perfect gift but can’t seem to get the wrapping to look as pretty as what is inside? Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to wrap any size or shape of box with a minimum of fuss – and Scotch tape!


1. Gather your materials together.
Assemble your gift, paper, scissors, tape, and gift card, and lay them out on a clean, dry, flat surface. Be sure to remove the price tag from your gift, or black out the price with a marker if the tag is too stubborn to remove.



2. Measure your length of paper.
Unroll enough gift paper to wrap around the box, allowing at least 2 inches for overlap. Mark where the overlap ends and use a yardstick to crease the paper, giving you the straightest guideline for cutting.



3. Trim away any excess paper.
You should have enough extra paper at the ends of the box to overlap, but keep it short enough to fold smoothly into flaps. Once you have cut the paper, spread it out and center your box, top down, on the unprinted side of the gift wrap.



4. Secure the paper around the box.
Overlap lengthwise edges of the paper to the center of the box, securing it with translucent tape. If your outside edge is ragged, turn it down about an inch before securing it.




5. Fold the ends into flaps.
Position the gift so that one open end is facing you. Take hold of the outside edges and push in the sides, so that flaps are formed on the top and the bottom. Turn under any excess paper.




6. Secure the flaps to the box.
Tape the edges or the point of the flaps to the side of the box. Run your fingers along the box’s edges to define the crease in the paper.




7. Add the finishing touches.
Add any ribbons, bows, or decorative items for your gift presentation, and voila! You’ll be wrapping like the pros.