Cupcake Push-Pop Peeps

Petite and pastel, these Cupcake Push-Pop Peeps from Love from the Oven are almost too precious to eat.


Love from the Oven’s Christi was inspired by the push-pop cupcakes featured on CupKate’s Event Design; it was love at first sight. “I mean hello, these are adorable!” Christi says. “Cupcake shooters, push pop cupcakes, cupcake push pops, push cakes, cake shooter, cupcake shots, whatever you want to call them – I had to make them. I was already planning to make cupcakes for Peeps Week, so I figured I’d do some mini cupcakes and use them for the push-pops.”


Make these push-pops your edible Easter centerpiece, or give them to guests as a parting gift. The versatile containers can be washed and re-used for other creative projects.


1. Whip up your favorite cake mix or cupcake recipe and bake up a batch of mini cupcakes. One regular sized cake mix should yield about 48 mini cupcakes.


2. Mix up your favorite frosting recipe and frost cooled cupcakes.


3. Cut the heads off of enough Peeps to top your push-pops (we know it sounds mean!).


4. With the push-pop plunger positioned all the way in, place a dollop of frosting on the push-pop container platform, and a dollop on the bottom of your cupcake to help secure them in place. Each push-pop container will hold two mini cupcakes and a Peep topper.


5. Place your bottom cupcake on the push-pop pedestal and lower the plunger to make room for your next cupcake.


6. Add your second cupcake…


7. And top with a Peep!


Visit Love from the Oven for step-by-step instructions, to see Christi’s favorite buttercream frosting recipe, and for more baking inspiration. Containers can be purchased from CupKate's Event Design.