DIY Easter Tablescape

What’s every color and cute all over? This Easter tablescape, by Sybelle of Funkytime, mixes vibrant spring blooms and soft pastels for a look that’s modern vintage.


Fresh flowers and speckled eggs nestled in patch of bright green grass make a simple and inexpensive centerpiece. A little floral moss and some pretty Easter candies transform an everyday coffee cup into an instant taper candle holder.


In parts of Europe it’s an Easter tradition to hang hollow eggs from the branches of a tree. To make a tree like Sybelle’s, simply arrange floral branches or willow stems in a narrow vase, and string decorated blown eggs (click the link to learn how to blow your own eggs!) onto fishing line or ribbon. Hang as desired.



Antique patterned china will give your table a vintagey feel; use mismatched pieces for a whimsical look, or pieces from a matched set to add a touch of elegance.



Pour pastel melts or chocolate into flower molds, and mount on straws or craft picks inserted into floral foam to plant this cute, edible flower garden.



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