Edible Easter Egg Tree

A tradition in Austria, Germany, and several countries throughout Eastern Europe, outdoor trees are strung with brightly colored blown eggs around the Easter holiday.

Bring the tradition indoors with this Edible Easter Egg Tree by Wenderly. Made from pastel candy melts, it’s not only pretty – it’s chocolate!

Images courtesy of Wenderly Design, Ltd. Copyright 2012


“It was so fun and easy and can be used as a festive decoration or as a centerpiece for your Easter table,” Wenderly says. “I made a few extra eggs that could be used as place cards by painting the initial of each guest on the egg. Just tuck them in a little nest. How cute would that be?”


Pastel candy melts
Egg-shaped plastic candy tray
Thin ribbon in coordinating colors
Small tree, branches, or floral stems
Craft paint brushes

1. Melt the candy melts in the microwave according to package directions.



2. Using a different spoon for each color, stir each melt to make sure the chocolate is lump-free and smooth. Begin filling the candy tray with melted chocolate; try to fill the molds evenly. Once filled, give the tray a good tap by picking up a corner and dropping it against the counter- this will dissolve any air bubbles.



3. Place the tray in the freezer, lying flat, for about five minutes. While waiting, cut ribbon into 2-inch length strips, to be used for hanging the eggs.



4. When ready, the eggs should pop easily out of the tray. If the eggs still stick after five minutes, place them back in the freezer for a few minutes more.



5. Re-warm remaining candy melts and grab your paint brushes. ‘Paint’ the flat side of an egg with an even layer of chocolate. Loop a ribbon and position it on the ‘painted’ egg half, then press the second half of the egg into place. Hold gently for a few seconds until the chocolate begins to dry and adhere.



Wenderly suggests ‘gluing’ the ends of the ribbon loops together with chocolate before putting them in the eggs.



“In my mind’s eye, I saw a cute little tree with solid eggs but then I started playing around with easy little embellishments,” Wenderly says. “You can make the little eggs as fancy or simple as you wish.”

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