Vintage Inspired Halloween Style

The design divas behind Anders Ruff, Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff, take a cue from days past to create a Halloween celebration that’s part vintage, part gothic, and wholly adorable.

Designs and Styling by Anders Ruff
Photography by Becca Bond Photogrpahy


The ladies used a mix of antiques as props and display items, like an old typewriter, books, paper documents, and medicine bottles. The main dessert table is backed by an olive green embroidered silk, and a DIY tea-stained cheesecloth is shredded and draped overhead to give the table a spooky, haunted house effect. Bat-shaped sugar cookies from Firefly Confections are incorporated into the décor.



Printable pennants from their Printables Design Collection are embellished with mock Polaroids of spooky scenes and gothic captions. Old medicine bottles are wrapped in twine and affixed with printable labels are used to display homemade ‘Mummy-mallows’ and ‘Boo-meringues’.



Other treats include ‘Bat Juice’ (apple cider inside small jam jars), and caramel apples. The apple displays are a simple but clever DIY project, constructed from old books that were inverted and their pages folded and fanned.



Chocolate skeleton keys are made from a mold, and add just the right mysterious touch. The centerpiece of the dessert table is an antique typewriter displaying iced sugar cookies in the shape of owls and pumpkins, and witch’s spells – also available from the printables collection. The typewriter is flanked by meringues, marshmallows, and festive cupacake parfaits topped with chocolate molded spiderwebs.



Printable graphics include a mix of modern polka-dots, skeleton stripes, vintage bead-board stripes, and classic tweed patterns for candy toppers, wrappers, display cards,favor bags, and banners.


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