Hanukkah Celebration

Lights, latkes… celebrate! Classic colors and symbols commemorate the traditions of Hanukkah and add a touch of fun to the festivities, from Paula of Frog Prince Paperie.


Paula created a freestanding candle display to represent the menorah. “It is eight votive cups for the eight days, with a center ‘helper’ candle,” Paula says. “I filled the cups with sugar to help hold them in place. Sparkly scrap book paper created the base. This is a great little project for the classroom, or for parents wanting to spread some light on other cultures and traditions for their children.”

“I’ve been dying to use donuts in a display…” Paula says. “I was thrilled to find out donuts were Hanukkah food! The oil for frying, like the oil used for lights, is the significant part.”

Another item included in the collection: milk carton boxes! A cute design for each day of the holiday. Apothecary jars filled with gold, silver, and blue bulbs are an easy-to-make and pretty accent for the table. Candies are served in printed cupcake wrappers from the collection, and topped with printable icons.

Printable paper dreidles are just the right size to fill with gelt (foil-wrapped chocolate coins). “I really wish there were more posts dedicated to Hanukkah- its traditions and meanings are truly beautiful,” Paula says. “Thanks again to all who helped, and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!”

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