Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

Okay guys, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Mother’s Day is just as important to your wife, your sister, or your grown-up daughter, as it is to your mom. Recipes courtesy of InPockets Catering.


Mother’s Day should really be about celebrating all the mothers in your life- not just your own. These caregivers administer hugs, bandage boo-boos, and nourish their loved ones on a daily basis. Why not nourish the ‘mom’ closest to you with a backyard brunch or breakfast in bed?

“Here are a couple of really easy recipes that are practically foolproof,” says Julie Mayberry of InPockets Catering and Bakery. “These are sure to nourish and please mom on her special day.” Don’t be afraid of going too ‘traditional’; some surprises are simple and never go out of style (just ask Mom!).

Egg Muffins
“To simplify the egg-cooking process, try making her favorite omelet ingredients into easy-to-serve muffins,” Mayberry suggests. “Just remember to pre-cook any raw meat items before adding them to the mixture.”

1 dozen eggs, lightly beaten
Salt & pepper (to taste)

Optional Ingredients:
Black olives
Onions, diced
Red or green bell peppers, diced
Tomatoes, diced
Bacon or sausage (pre-cooked)
1-2 cups grated cheese
Goat cheese

1. Toss her favorite fillings into a bowl with lightly beaten eggs
2. Pour into a lightly greased muffin tin, a silicon muffin tray, or foil-lined muffin cups.
3. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. The eggs are done when a toothpick that is inserted into the middle comes out clean. These can be frozen and enjoyed later, too!

Pour orange juice with a generous splash of lemon-lime soda into a fancy glass for the special mom in your life. Garnish with a strawberry, or float natural anti-oxidant pomegranate seeds in the glass.


Café Mocha Fondue with Fruit Kebabs
A pinch of instant coffee and a splash of vanilla makes chocolate fondue a pick-me-up treat for any breakfast or brunch! “Count on the kids to make the skewers fun and interesting,” Mayberry says.

1 pound milk chocolate chips
¾ cup heavy cream
1 ½ tsp instant coffee
½ tsp vanilla extract
Bamboo skewers or swizzle sticks
Strawberries, stemmed
Banana, sliced
Apple, cubed
Pineapple, cubed
Marshmallows (optional)
Rice Krispies treats (optional)

1. To make the skewers thread fruit, marshmallows, and even Rice Krispies treats onto bamboo skewers.
2. To make the fondue, melt the chocolate and cream together in a double boiler or in a saucepan on low heat. Stir continuously until the chips are melted smooth.
3. Remove from the heat and add the coffee and vanilla. Stir and serve with fresh fruit skewers.

Whether you decide to make one or all of the recipes above, don’t forget to clean up the kitchen when you’re finished – that’s a treat moms everywhere can appreciate!