Turkey Bread Basket

A turkey bread basket is a simple craft to work on with your children, and a charming addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Images by Greggo Photography
LetsPartyMagazine.com’s publisher, Tracy Werner, and her girls shared the project with Tram Mai on KPNX’s 12 News Valley Dish. All you will need are few materials from the craft store and some items you probably already have around the house.


Large brown paper bag
Piece of cardboard
Paper plates
Craft glue
Decorative paper
Small clothespins
Googly eyes
Red balloon




1. Trim the top of your brown bag with scissors so that is measures about 8-10 inches tall. Then, fold the cut sides down into the bag, so that they become half the height and double the thickness. Trim your piece of cardboard to fit in the bottom of the bag and insert it.



2. Next, attach the wings. Take a paper plate and fold the top third down, stapling it inside the brown bag on one of the longer sides. Repeat this step on the other side to create the second wing.




3. For the turkey’s head, fold a paper plate into thirds, creating a cone shape that is pointed at the top. Then, fold the point down toward the middle seam, about 2-3 inches, to create the face and beak shape. Add your googly eyes and give the turkey a balloon wattle.


4. Construct a foundation for the turkey’s tail feathers next. Cover two plates with brown paper or color them. Fold one of the paper plates in half and place it inside the bag (where the tail will go), matching the folded side to the inside seam of the bag. Staple the plate in place. Take a second plate, unfolded, and place it on the outside of the bag, behind the folded plate. Staple it in place. Decorate your head, wings, and tail, by gluing on decorative paper or you can color them with markers.

5. For the feathers, layer and glue decorative papers onto paper plates. When dry, cut the plates into feather shapes and glue a clothespin to the back of each feather. Embellish feathers with seeds, buttons, beads, gems – whatever you like! Attach your feathers to the turkey by securing the clothespins to the two paper plate foundations.



Parts of this project are simple enough for even young children, with supervision. Make extra baskets as gifts, and be sure to stuff them with some delicious homemade rolls. Don't be a turkey- give it a try!