Back to School Party

Back to school doesn’t just mean back to textbooks and homework. It’s also a great time to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and get them excited about the year ahead.

Blogger mom Leoni of Just Call Me Martha created this special party for her kindergartner, Imara, to ring in the new school session.

“I made a list of all the things Imara loves, apples, drawing, reading, writing… and I tried to draw some inspiration from her likes. I also looked, drooled, and was inspired by Amy Atlas's Back to School Bake Sale, a feature for Parents Magazine,” Leoni says. “I featured the apple throughout the party, as well as the bookworm, because Imara always takes an apple to kindy and she loves to read the most,” Leoni says. She created apple invitations using Kikki K's apple tags attached to cardstock, and Kkiki K envelopes and stickers.

“One of the items I made for the dessert table, since Imara loves drawing, are these cute pencils: I used mini sponge rolls for the body of the pencil, and mini ice cream cones cut in half for the pencil leads. I then covered it all in colored fondant.” Leoni suggests that Twinkies would make a great substitute, too.

"One of Imara's favorite drinks is plain milk, so we had to have that at the party! I bought these cute blackboard labels from Bradens Grace." Leoni painted an old dining table and MDF boards with blackboard paint to use as her dessert table and backdrop. “The best thing about the blackboard paint on the table and walls is that I could use both surfaces as giant ‘labels’ for my sweet goodies. Any excuse to write on walls and furniture!” Leoni adhered a tree decal to the board to use as her focal point and to display apple cookies. “Yep, I hung apple cookies from my tree; it looked so cute and, best of all, the girls just had to undo the ribbon bow if they wanted to eat one.” Leoni says.

Mini blackboards are used as dessert platters, and stands are fashioned from textbooks covered in craft paper – so creative! Apple cake pops were inspired by Bakerella. Did we mention that Leoni homemade all of these gorgeous fondant creations?

Leoni used free downloadable printables from Bird’s Party for her labels and tags. The oarty table is decorated with melamine plates, and homemade polka dot napkins and patty hats. “For the cake I decided on a small chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge icing – Imara's favorite flavor,” Leoni says.  “Everything on the cake is edible and made from fondant.  Imara loved the bookworm the best.”