Make Cork Board Favors!

This project can be completed in about an hour and is a simple, inexpensive activity to perk up any party. Pick up some unique embellishments at the craft store, or have your guests bring items that represent their interests. For young children, parents should consider cutting the initials out beforehand.  

Personalized Cork Board

Craft foam board, at least 3/16” thick
Roll of cork Double-sided foam tape
Craft knife
Adhesive mounting squares
Small tacks
Adhesive picture hanging strips
Acrylic paint and foam brush
Various buttons, ribbons, and embellishments for decorating  


1. Sketch out your child’s initial on the foam board.

2. Cut your letter out with a craft knife.

3. Flip the letter over onto the unrolled cork sheet, and affix the cork to the foam board with the double-sided mounting tape.

4. Cut the cork away with a craft knife to fit the foam mount.

5. Decorate however you like with paints and embellishments.

6. Attach your finished project to the wall with adhesive picture hanging strips.  

As featured on 12 News Valley Dish.